First day diving in Tiputa pass - Dolphins !

First day diving in Tiputa pass - Dolphins !

Sun, 31/03/2024 - 10:00
yaka plongee

yaka plongee

Activity YAKA Plongee

Night: Rangiroa Plage

Day 31

Our first day of diving in the Tiputa pass was pretty awesome. As expected, you are here to see the big stuff and not look for reef tiny critters.

The first dive was the best of today. We saw, moray eels, loads of reef and colorful fish. But most importantly, we swam with a grey dolphin! She (it was a female ) came close and tried to play with us and then left. That was absolutely awesome. 

Bernard was diving with us and his pictures of that day are awesome. Follow him to see amazing pictures of Tiputa pass in Rangiroa.

As we crossed the pass, there was a section where about 30 black tip reef sharks were hanging out. The guide said it’s quite rare to see so many at the same location, usually the pods are smaller. They were probably mating.  Loads of white tip reef sharks and predators hanging around. The water was at least 20m visibility, absolutely awesome. 

I also saw a spear fisherman, just dive – find his fish and 1 try, 1 win. I was quite impressed at how skillful he was under water and also how long he stayed there with one breath!

We spend the surface interval at the dive shop, they had a hammock and comfortable chairs, so we just hate our sandwich there and took a nap. 

yaka plongee la sieste
Yaka plongee

The second dive was supposed to be the right time of the day to see more dolphins, but we ended up seeing none. We swam up and down one side of the pass and just went back up. 

Our pension’s neighbors also dive today with another center. They did a dive earlier in the day and saw a hammerhead shark ! But they didn’t see dolphins. It seems that a lot of big fish pass through this narrow passageway and everyday something else can be seen. I am looking forward tomorrow.

We will cook something simple today – as planned everything is closed now.

Our neighbors are from Tahiti, they work here and one of them jokes, I have to take a shower now before the electricity is cut. The showers and water need a pump to work. It makes me feel, what we experienced last night was probably a very regular occurrence.