From Bora Bora to Rangiroa

From Bora Bora to Rangiroa

Sat, 30/03/2024 - 10:00
Rangiroa Marina

Rangiroa Marina

Night: Pension Rangiroa Plage

Day 30

We bid Bora Bora goodbye and fly to our next island Rangiroa. I am looking forward this island because we will be diving and it’s said to have grey dolphins. I have never seen a dolphin underwater.

The transit to Rangiroa is uneventful it’s a quick hop of 1h10min. I was a little worried the pension wasn’t going to show up because they had not answered my latest emails. At the same time, it’s not like you have a lot of flights per day and the island is quite small. 

Upon arrival, Cindy our host was waiting for us and drove us to Rangiroa Plage the pension we are staying at for the next 4 nights. It’s very basic and fairly old but we are not fussy. It was also quite affordable and necessary to balance out the entire budget.

We went to the 4 supermarkets in the village to see what is available for us to buy. It’s quite far away now and you are reminded of it when Cindy casually says: “we have just been resupplied, so you should be able to find fresh produces and vegetables”. The water is also not drinkable, and mostly/if not only, available when it rains. You would need to buy bottles from the store.

Visiting the supermarket here is surprising, you will find base necessity products and then in all of this – a packet of Calisson d’aix or a bloc of foie gras. It’s very random! But mostly it’s cans and dry goods.  We have to learn how to cook with ingredients we usually don’t really buy, it proves a little bit challenging. We revert to our student days, pasta and sauces. Some bread and spreads to make sandwich for lunch and we score a few tomatoes ( EUR 12.57 / kg ! that stings ). We have access to a kitchen in Rangiroa and Fakarava so we can stock up a little on the groceries. Tomorrow is Sunday, shops will be closed. 

In the late afternoon, we read our books, I update the blog and go for a swim at the pension beach. 
Towards 4 pm we make our way to the marina. The fishermen are back and they clean their fish by the jetty, throwing away some discarded parts. There was a sleeper shark there. We were told it’s almost guaranteed to see one or more.

We got our first general electrical failure, which wasn’t very long, and once it was done, we went to the pension roulette. I continued on my fish diet.
During the night we had massive rainfall with heavy wind. We are a little worried about camping in Fakarava – we might have to upgrade to a bungalow.