More diving - Massive eagle rays today.

More diving - Massive eagle rays today.

Tue, 02/04/2024 - 10:00
Bernard lhermite

Bernard lhermite

Activity YAKA Plongee

Night: Rangiroa Plage

Day 33

Our last day of diving. We start early at 8am. Hopefully we'll see some big fish. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a hammerhead shark.

We didn't get one, but instead 3 magnificent leopard rays passed us in slow motion. Quietly, with perfect viewing conditions. I'd never seen them so big! In the channel, we saw one more in the distance and a few grey sharks.

For our last dive, it's just me and Alexis. As we're experienced divers, the guide suggests we finish the long drift further out to see another side of the channel. This involves a bit more strength, to navigate the currents, and we end up on an aquarium near the Motu just inside the lagoon.

We saw quite a few schools of fish and big grey sharks. It was not bad, in fact at the end we had to do a lot of sideways swimming to make sure we ended up on the right side. It was also a nice dive, but one that requires a good level of diving. You need to have good consumption and be comfortable with your buoyancy so as not to suffer too much in the currents.

Apparently today is a public holiday. So all the mini-markets are closed. We thought we'd have a little ice cream. Choux-blanc.

When we get back, one of our room-mates has to catch a plane. Our host is nowhere to be seen, and she seems to have forgotten all about him. He ends up hitching a ride to the airport. His friends (who are staying longer) tell us he's got his plane, but only just. We get a cab number for tomorrow... (just in case).

We take refuge in the shade for a nap. And we don't come out until nightfall.

One of the diving instructors recommends a restaurant: Chez Rua. A 10-minute walk away, we set off.

We had a good meal there, simple dishes served under straw huts by the beach. It's really relaxed, and was a good recommendation.

We have a beautiful clear sky this evening. We take advantage of it to enjoy the stars and the milky way on the chairs on the beach. I martyr a poor Bernard L'Hermite to get a photo. As soon as night falls, they're everywhere on the beach!