Boat day on Bora Bora Lagoon

Boat day on Bora Bora Lagoon

Thu, 28/03/2024 - 10:00


Activity: Bora Bora Lagoon Service

Night: Maitai Bora Bora

Day 29

We go out in the lagoon on a small boat today. We are 12 in total and will stop at 3 snorkeling spots, have lunch on a Motu and then just come back. I am looking forward today.

Breakfast was much simpler in our room and we wait at the hotel jetty for our pick up.

Our Boat

I must day, today was awesome and everything that you see on Instagram about Polynesia.

First, we stopped to swim with black tip reef sharks. What is stunning is that the water is so transparent, you see them so clearly ! They are many and they swim quite close to you. We stay there for 30min just enjoying the show. There was a couple of nice little fishes around as well ( if you are a diver you learned to look in the sand, we saw nice dartfish ).

Black Tip Reef Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark

The second step was to see stingrays. Clearly these ones have been fed. There are four in total, their dart has also been removed and they too get quite close. The guide feeds them so they almost go up on him and do get around your feet. It’s quite unique. We did saw stingrays right at the front of our bungalow on our first day, and even in the “wild” and unfed, they are quite massive.

Our last snorkeling spot was at a coral garden. We have done a lot of diving and snorkeling. Everything is so perfectly a paradise postcard. That water clarity and shallow waters brings the coral you see brimming with colors. I have seen places with more fish. But this was quite stunning nonetheless. The area was just nice between the motus. Quiet and all around turquoise blue water with barely 2m or less depth.

Finally we head to the Motu for lunch. There are some tables placed on the beach and a beautiful spread of Tahitian dishes. It was delicious and we sat down feet in the water enjoying our food. Soon some wildlife came to circle around. We had again some sting rays and sharks in the shallows. I am pretty sure they must wait for the food to drop. There was also a lot of Mullet fish. Our boat captain Roberto said that these ones were too small, but as soon as they grow a tad bigger, their new names become Barbecue! Made us laugh! 

I was standing by the table and the stingray just swam over my feet, it’s a weird soft skin, not viscous at all ! pretty disturbing but an experience nonetheless.

Sting ray
Sting Ray

Once lunch was over, the guide showed us a few survival tricks if we get stranded on a motu, basically how to use coconut to survive. How to weave a plate to eat, open a coconut, grind it, make milk and all the various uses of the husk and flesh. We also learned how to start a fire with sticks and using the coconut husks to get it going. 

What a lovely day. I am happy to recommend Lagoon service for this full day tour around the lagoon. We had a blast.

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