Barbecue feast and more dolphins

Barbecue feast and more dolphins

Mon, 01/04/2024 - 10:00
Public beach of Rangiroa

Public beach of Rangiroa

Activity YAKA Plongee

Night: Rangiroa Plage

Day 32

Last night after finishing the day's story, our room-mates returned with a huge quantity of fish. They had gone to the marina to see the sleeper sharks and asked the fishermen if they had any fish to sell. They wanted two, but came away with 7... So we shared dinner together. While the guys went around the beach looking for dry wood to start the fire on the beach. The women were busy gutting and scaling fish at the water's edge. We threw the entrails into the sea, which attracted a lot of blacktip reef sharks. It was great fun, and we got a good look at them.

We feasted on barbecued fish, rice and a small salad. We had a great time chatting on the beach.

At the end, we took the leftover fish, hoping to catch a glimpse of more sharks. Flashlight in hand, we dumped our leftovers and scanned the shore. We were rewarded by a sleeping shark, which was almost half out of the water, right at our feet. Fantastic!

See the video here.

Second day of diving, starting with a long drift in the current. It was a rather technical dive, but a really nice one. We were looking for hammerhead sharks, as it's the end of the season to see them. We stayed between 35 and 40m. It made for a bit of a deco at the end, but we had plenty of air. Unfortunately, on this dive we didn't see any big fish, but we did see some pretty colorful schooling fish emerging from the canyons in the pass.

The second dive was a memorable one. For almost 40 minutes, we could hear the dolphins and barely catch a glimpse of them in the distance. But for the last 15 minutes, a male dolphin came to play with us and stayed close to us in the middle of the group. Then, not far away, a mother and calf and another male stayed close but not in contact. We had a great time.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the guesthouse.