How to turn your iPad Pro into a blogging workstation

How to turn your iPad Pro into a blogging workstation

I am always traveling and sometimes with my business computer, which already weights a ton.
So I needed a simple tool regrouping all my needs for managing a blog: photo editing, drawings, typing, uploading.

I landed my choice on the IPad Pro 11” - And believe me i am very far from an apple evangelist. It just made the most sense when it comes to price/functionality/weight.

Manging a blog with an iPad Pro

The accessories:

Logitech Slim Folio keyboard: It’s just so much better to be able to use a keyboards for the shortcuts and for typing long texts. It’s also quite a good protection for the iPad. I am enjoying the typing feel and because trying to get with the touch pad to a point in a text - is impossible. The arrow keys are a lifesaver.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation): So that I can doodles and sketch anywhere !

Moving files between devices:

This iPad is the only apple product I own - and therefore it’s almost impossible to get it to work with my android devices - I have a Sony Xperia G8342. It's a phone that I really like for its smooth integration of 2 Simcards. It has proven a solid ally for when I was travelling between less countries and was swapping simcards. It still works smoothly after the many years I have been owning it. Forth every penny. Now I have to also use my iPhone workphone daily - and i really find it highly lacking compared to the Sony.

I would  have loved to be able to cable connect the devices, but impossible. After trying many ways - I ended up, going for the tech solution. I transfer from any portable devices or computers to a space on my webhosting via FTP. Then download them in my iPad. I didn’t want to use emails ( when you have 50+ HD images to transfer, it’s a nightmare) or other chat services as it would downgrade the quality too much.

The apps:

You’ll need a great set of apps to be able to do all your uploading on your website & into any Content Management System or even any social media.

AndFTP iconOn Android device: AndFTP
Works like a charm - I purchased the pro version, because the advertisement were getting annoying.
Cost: 5.21 Euros


Icon FTP pro ManagerOn IPad: FTPManager PRO
The free version doesn’t allow for batch upload or download of multiple image at once.
Cost: 2.70 Euros


BatchResizer2Batch photo resizing: BatchResizer2
When I have to process the photos for the galleries, I would need to resize lots of photos in one go with the same preset and also minimize their sizes. The free version works great - but I end up buying it so that I removed the ads.
Cost: 3.80 Euros


Image size app iconSingle Image resizing: Image size
This is simple and efficient way to work into more details that one image for instagram or the banner or the odd shape photo in your website to a specific size. It has some great filters as well to enhance the photos quickly. I also purchased the app to remove the ads.
Cost: 1.90 Euros


Logo procreateSketching: Procreate
Do I still need to present this app ? Paired with the Apple Pencil it’s just the perfect platform for all your doodles and other sketches. The amount of brushes, colors and textures is more than enough for the occasional art that I do. 
Cost: 9 Euros


Mailchimp logoEmailing: Mailchimp
My newsletter is linked to Mailchimp platform. So i have installed the app to be able to manage the audience. But I still use the website version for the campaigns creation.


Google Analytics logoStatistics: Google Analytics app
I keep a quick eye on my stats via the app instead of logging in to the website.

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