Inca Trail Day 2 - Dead woman's pass

Inca Trail Day 2 - Dead woman's pass

Fri, 05/07/2024 - 10:00
Over the dead's woman pass

Over the dead's woman pass

Activity: Inca Trail 5D/4N Alpaca Expeditions

Hike: 15.18 km (but my watch died a little before the end - so I think a km more would be accurate )

Day 94

At 5 am, our guide wakes us up with a hot coca tea. We have 30min to get ready before breakfast is served. Everyone slept like the dead and we are ready to tackle what is the hardest day on the circuit.

The dead woman pass is 4,200m and it's a full day uphill from the camp. The first part is under shaded trees and along a raging torrent. It's tropical.

Stairs by the torrent
Inca stairs by the torrent to lunch

We do not see any archeological site here, however the trail we are now walking on is 100% original and has not been renovated. It's huge grey rocks and very irregular stairs. Whereas yesterday we had portions of packed dirt as trail. We climb about 300m of elevation under the cover of the vegetation

The group gets closer and we really get along.

Lunch is right at the bottom of the pass and we can see it from the ground as well as the extremely steep staircase like trail that leads to it. The vegetation has almost disappeared.

Lunch spot
Lunch Spot

The section to the top is steep and with a lot of uneven stairs or some sort of pavement. It's all about stamina and as you go up altitude starts to play its part. We spent the last half with Laura at a grind slowly going up. It was hard but really doable if you know how to pace yourself. When we reach the top, Alexis, Chris and Malcom had been waiting for 40min. They climbed this part is 1h20. Laura and I did it in exactly 2h, which is the normal time. Phil and Nan needed an extra 40min to join us. It's no big deal to wait up there. The view is absolutely fantastic and the sun keeps you warm.

Stairs to the dead woman's pass
Stairs to the dead woman's pass

We were apparently quite lucky has we had an amazing blue sky all the way. Usually, the pass is covered in clouds.

View from the dead woman's pass
View from the dead woman's pass

The way down to our camp is steep and again with uneven rocks and stairs. You really have to be careful.

A man was climbing up playing a flute. It echoed in the valley and along our trail. It was almost magical to hear this as you appreciate the beautiful landscape in front of you. We were tired but happy when we reached camp.

This camp was along a terrasse facing the cliff and at the very end of the valley. We had such a magnificent view from the tents.

We took the dining tent stools out and had a cup of tea admiring the view. After diner, from the same spot we could see the milky way and a magical night sky.