Scuba diving fish signs guide

Scuba diving fish signs guide

Sun, 28/06/2020 - 04:50
Scuba diving fish signs guide

Scuba diving fish signs guide

Deprived of speech underwater, we have to rely on a series of gestures and signs to communicate! Whereas the official safety signs are quite universal, divers can become quite creative when it comes to signs for fish identification! I have come across a lot of variances within South East Asia, at each dive briefing fish signs can be introduced. Sometimes, the dive master can invent for you a sign that will be only for this particular dive as he wants to show you something specific!

Since memory can fail us as we keep on getting new diving knowledge, I have started my own small collection of doodles about fish signs! I don’t recall ever seeing one in any of the dive centers I have spent time. 

With these doodles, I have created images, a PDF guide and a memory card games that can be downloaded below.

Scuba diving fish sign images:

Barracuda scuba diving fish signs
Box fish scuba diving fish signs
Box fish
Crocodile fish scuba diving fish signs
Crocodile fish
Cuttlefish and squid scuba diving fish signs
Cuttlefish & squid
Leaf fish scuba diving fish signs
Leaf fish
Lion fish scuba diving fish signs
Lion fish
Moray eel scuba diving fish signs
Moray eel
nudibranch scuba diving fish signs
Pipefish scuba diving fish signs
Shark scuba diving fish signs
shrimp or crab scuba diving fish signs
Crab or Shrimp
trigger fish scuba diving fish signs
Trigger fish
turtles scuba diving fish signs
Blue spotted stingray scuba diving fish signs
Blue spotted Stingray
Napolean or bumphead parrot fish scuba diving fish signs
Napoleon wrasse or Bumphead parrot fish
Lobster fish scuba diving fish signs
Grouper fish scuba diving fish signs
Hammerhead shark fish scuba diving fish signs
Hammerhead shark


I spend some time creating and drawing these – they are free to use following Creative Commons, share alike, non-commercial use and I would like to be credited for the work if you share it or modify it. You must credit a link to my website ( Thank you !


So without further due - Here you go ! Ready to use tools and nice new graphics made by yours truly, to play and learn together!

The ready-to-print scuba diving fish signs guide

This is PDF is two pages and can be printed both sided – I would recommend on a thicker paper. Then laminate it so it can sit with your fish Identification books.

Download the PDF here

The scuba diving fish signs card game


Whether it’s at home freshening up our knowledge or after a dive with a good fresh beer in hand, why not playing some simple and silly memory games ? 

These are ready to print in square format. Print them double-sided on a relatively thick paper, take a trip back to childhood and cut them nicely following the grey lines. Finally, to make them durable, laminate them. You could even go further and add a little round hole with an eyelet and a string so they can be attached together!

Download the PDF here

More scuba diving fish signs ?

I am always game for more ! My knowledge is not infinite and if you want to see one new fish sign that I have not yet drawn added to these pages and card game, please send me an email !

In the email you would ideally share:

  • The name of the fish
  • A photo or short video of the sign that needs to be drawn
  • If you have a real nice underwater photo of the fish that I can use to illustrate the doodle? That would be helpful. This photo would need to be accompanied with the credit name & link and the copyright mention if any. For the active links, I do add interactive link in the PDF only as it’s where I use the fish photos or if I share it on my instagram, then I can mention your handle (if any) in the post.

If an email is not convenient – send me a PM on facebook messenger so we can exchange further or even hit me up on Instagram to start discussing!

I hope you will have fun with these new  pictures – I enjoyed making them !


Fish signs identification guide